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Students Working Against Tobacco in Gilchrist County
September 1, 2022

At the beginning of every school year a statewide youth organization known as SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco) revamps back up in hopes to grow in size and supporters. SWAT’s mission is to mobilize, educate, and equip Florida youth with the tools to deglamorize Big Tobacco, and promote a tobacco-free lifestyle. Since beginning in 1998 at a teen tobacco summit, SWAT has become a powerhouse in the fight against big tobacco in the sunshine state. Florida now is host to over 300 clubs and 4300 student members working together to push the agenda.

SWAT is not just a school club though. It allows for student leaders to collaborate on a much larger scale than just the schools. SWAT allows its members to present issues to town leadership, state legislators, as well as nationwide organizations like the American Heart Association. This club is allowing the leaders of tomorrow to be heard and help in the improvement of their future.

In Gilchrist County SWAT has been a staple in the past years, and only continues growing. With the start of the 2022-23 school year, we have seen a huge increase in student interest! With over 80 student’s county wide signing up this year, we have doubled the size of our chapter. With the current vaping crisis currently sweeping the nation, it is truly inspiring to see our school aged children wanting to step-up and change the narrative. We hope to keep educating these students and allowing them to get out into our community to spread the message.

For more information on the SWAT Program in Gilchrist County, contact Dan Murray at