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Tobacco Free Partnership of Gilchrist County Names New Advisory Board for 2017-2018
August 31, 2017

A new slate of Advisory Council members was elected to lead the tobacco prevention outreach of the Tobacco Free Partnership of Gilchrist at the latest quarterly meeting.

The newest member of the Advisory Council is Susan Gibb. Susan is the School Health Coordinator for the Gilchrist County Health Department. She has been a Registered Nurse for 42 years and has worked in public health, women’s health and pediatrics. smoking and secondhand smoke on both adults and children. The Partnership is pleased to welcome Susan to the Advisory Council and they look forward to working with her to improve the health of community members while working toward tobacco-free social norms.

Lorrie Akin has been a member of the Tobacco Free Partnership for eight years. She has previously served on the Advisory Council and was re-elected to serve again. In addition to her work with the Partnership, she is also a Gilchrist County SWAT Advisor. As a member of the Gilchrist Character Council, Lorrie worked with the group to create a tobacco-free policy at the Loomis Brother’s Circus. The Character Council sponsors this yearly event which remains a tobacco-free event for families to enjoy. This policy not only protects people from secondhand smoke, but it also helps promote tobacco-free norms to youth. Lorrie also feels that it is important to serve on the Partnership so that she can help inform other people about the negative issues regarding tobacco products. Thank you, Lorrie, for your long-term commitment to the Tobacco Free Partnership and for your work in the community.

Two of the Advisory Council members, Debbie Destin and Jaime Hinote, were re-elected for another year of service. Debbie owns and operates Destin’s Dance and Fitness Academy in Bell. In addition, she serves as the Events and Activities Director for ForVets. Recently, Debbie worked with the board of ForVets to create a tobacco-free environment for the public spaces at Otter Springs, which is operated by ForVets. This policy created tobacco-free recreational spaces in Gilchrist County. We appreciate Debbie’s hard work in creating tobacco-free spaces in the county.

Jaime Hinote works at Palms Medical Group as the Outreach Specialist. Jaime has served as a member of the Advisory Council for several years, and is a very active in promoting the activities of the Tobacco Free Partnership such as the Great American Smoke Out, and Tobacco Free Florida Week.  In addition to her work with tobacco prevention and promoting tobacco-free norms, she also facilitates tobacco cessation groups at Palms Medical Group in Trenton. The Partnership appreciates Jaime’s dedication and hard work as part of the Advisory Council.


Advisory Council MemberDebbie Destin


The hard work of these volunteer leaders has made a positive difference in the community. Gilchrist County continues to lead the way in the State of Florida in moving toward tobacco-free policies to protect children and adults from the negative impacts of tobacco use, as well as promoting tobacco-free social norms. The Tobacco Free Partnership Advisory Council members are passionate about their community and use their free time to serve others by improving it. 

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