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Gilchrist County 4-H Students Working Against Tobacco Start Another Active Year of Youth Tobacco Prevention
By Chandler Ash
September 19, 2013

It’s the start of a new year for the Gilchrist 4-H Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) club, and they already have big things planned. In the past, they have been extremely successful in reaching out to the community and to decision makers about tobacco related issues. This year, Gilchrist SWAT plans to do even better.

Over the summer, SWAT youth attended the July town hall meeting held by Florida Representative Keith Perry. SWAT youth discussed the issue of flavored tobacco and tobacco marketing in the community that is geared toward attracting young people.  Representative Perry and his legislative aides invited the SWAT youth to attend the Gilchrist County Legislative Delegation meeting in October.  While there, they will have the incredible opportunity to speak to their State Representative and State Senator about the work they have been doing for their community, and to make them aware of how the SWAT program is helping youth in Gilchrist County.

Later in the year, Gilchrist SWAT plans to partner with the Gilchrist County Chamber by participating in Christmas on Main Street, which is a very popular Christmas festival that takes place annually in Trenton. They will turn the Quit Doc office into a “Winter Wonderland” for the night. The office will be open, and there will be fun activities for children and families, as well as information about flavored tobacco and retail marketing of tobacco products. In addition, cessation information will be available for anyone who wants to quit smoking and start 2014 tobacco-free.

Gilchrist SWAT is geared up and ready for things to kick off this school year. With all the exciting events and meetings that will happen over the next year, they will be sure to stay busy serving their community as they work to educate other youth and adults about tobacco issues, and by working with local decision makers to create a healthy, tobacco-free future for kids in Gilchrist County.